Arm store associates with full access to available inventory across channels, regardless of product location.
Eliminate sales typically lost because of out-of-stock or unavailable products by giving in-store customers limitless product options, including online-only products.
Give in-store shoppers multiple fulfillment options through Endless Aisle’s integration with Commerce Cloud Order Management.
Give associates the freedom to assist customers and complete both in-store and online purchases anywhere on the sales floor, where shoppers make purchase decisions.
Make in-store interactions more personal with full mobile access to detailed inventory and customer information.
Develop and customize your own store apps with open commerce APIs, a standards-based development environment, and our ecosystem of technology partners.
Arm store associates with a single view of each customer’s purchasing, order fulfillment, and return activity.
Give store associates full access to the latest product information, pricing, promotions, and online inventory information.
While in the store, access and add items to a customer’s online wishlist so they can make purchases at their convenience, regardless of channel.
Omni-channel experiences are extremely important to your customers.
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