Build branded help centers, communities, and portals connected to your business data and processes to deliver an amazing customer experience.
  • Seamless self-service by connecting
    to business data and process
  • Quick access to answers, articles and FAQ
  • AI-powered content recommendations
  • Quick and easy deployment with Lightning Community Builder
Use Lightning Community Builder and Templates to deploy your portal or community with drag-and-drop ease. And Lightning Bolt offers industry-specific solutions with built-in business logic, workflow, and UI so you can build for  your use case without missing a beat.
Give customers one branded destination where they can access information from back-end systems, apps, and records. Now they can perform tasks like paying bills, filing claims, and making appointments quickly, easily — and on their own schedule.
Out-of-the-box integration with Service Cloud provides seamless self service that also gives customer service agents a 360-degree customer view. Give agents and customers the same information, so agents can solve cases more efficiently, and customers can get the answers they need faster than ever.
Create a vibrant community that keeps customers coming back. Add Q&A, groups, and customer MVPs to keep community members engaged. And offer a personalized feed to make it easy to collaborate and turn customers into brand ambassadors.  
Personalize every touchpoint by intelligently delivering content based on a customer’s profile information, interests, and activities using Community Cloud Einstein.  And make every customer a know-it-all by automatically surfacing the most relevant answers with related Q&A.
Learn how to connect your customers, partners, and employees to your business.