Visualize, track, and manage customer experiences with real-time interaction management — driving valuable engagement at the right moment, just the way your audience prefers.
Learn why top brands trust Salesforce’s real-time customer interaction platform to help them drive connected, relevant, and cross-channel engagement across the entire customer lifecycle.
View all the paths customers take on your owned channels in one view, no matter the channel or device.
Develop real-time context by listening to customer activities across your owned channels.
Identify customers that have dropped out of the journey, and create audience segments for purposeful re-engagement.
See how real-time interactions can increase conversions, onboard customers, improve customer service, create brand advocates, and boost lifetime value.
Guide the customer along the most appropriate path, triggering interactions where they are — or channels they prefer.
Ensure your message is consistent and relevant across all channels for a connected experience while controlling for message frequency.
Connect online interactions to offline ones, such as call centers, in-store POS, on-property engagement, or ATMs.
6,700 global customers and buyers have weighed in their preferences. See the research.
Orchestrate contextually relevant experiences using a sophisticated decision engine to inspire customers to take action.
Use frequency capping and business rules to ensure each offer, message, and journey is relevant to the customer.
Prioritize critical offers, messages, and interactions — and pause the rest.
Trigger events and communicate in real time with marketing, sales, and service.
Easy-to-use, customizable configuration makes the business user’s job easier than ever.
Use click-driven instrumentation and integration through codeless tags, mobile SDKs, and APIs across every interaction.
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