Empower teams with on-demand, bite-size learning.
Gamify learning with points, badges, and ranks.
Engage learners with short, interactive quizzes.
Enable learning any time, on any device.
Create your own learning content to match the roles and needs of your company.
Easily change the look and feel of the learning experience.
Build and share tailored journeys for specific roles or functions.
Tap into a growing library of original educational content on Trailhead.
Track progress and assign relevant learning.
Give real-time feedback and recognition for demonstrating new skills.
Easily discover learners with earned and proven skills.
Increase learning engagement at every stage by seamlessly integrating myTrailhead with other Salesforce products.
Get teams up and running fast by creating and delivering customizable business processes and journeys. 
Surface relevant learning at the right time with automated assignments, recommendations, and notifications based on any Salesforce field.