Bring productivity apps into the #1 CRM and work in one place, not ten. Spend less time on administrative work and more time meeting customer needs.
Turn static account plans into dynamic, data-driven strategies. Drive action and get the whole team on the same page 365 days a year.
Collaborate with your extended team directly within Salesforce. Maximize input without siloed communication.
Standardize winning processes with best-practice templates. Deploy configurable templates that auto-fill with relevant Salesforce data.
Get a holistic view of the account in one living document attached to the right Salesforce record. Unlock more customer value and drive revenue by adding checklists, live Salesforce data, and team discussions.
Make it easy for reps to update account notes in Salesforce from their phone, or even when offline.
Increase alignment on your opportunities and get deals over the line faster with rich notes seamlessly connected to Salesforce.
Quickly collaborate on opportunity notes with stakeholders in a single, centralized workspace. No more time wasted searching for hand-written notes or internal emails.
Provide all the details new reps need to get up to speed fast with integrated opportunity notes. No more onboarding brain dumps or information graveyards when reps exit.
Create and edit your opportunity notes even when you're on your phone or offline. All notes automatically merge and update when you’re back online.
Capture key insights from customer meetings right in the context of the opportunity. Share notes with the extended team to bring everyone ahead.
Stay connected to your customers and sales teams with collaborative closing plans that keep everyone on the same page.
Use built-in chat, real-time co-editing, and pinnable comments to build close plans with full team input.. Keep feedback and approvals visible in Salesforce, not buried in email.
Reps can quickly and easily modify the structure and content of their close plans to meet the specific requirements of each deal.
Automatically pre-fill account and opportunity data directly into the closing plan. Enable your reps to focus on high value selling activities, not data reporting.
When the entire sales team is on the same page, reps can easily invite customer conversation into every step of the sale.
Get real-time notifications on deals that close, which ones push and why.
Highlight wins, alert managers, and trigger deal issues automatically.
Access live Salesforce data from any device. Display your data in tables and graphs to quickly glean insights.
Congratulate wins with social features including emojis, likes, @mentions, and GIFs.
Avoid information overload and sprawl with a multi-tab deal feed that contains all your deal closure data. Share it with the entire team to drive visibility and discussion.
Maximize revenue and keep all the documentation in your system of record.
Collaborate with customers on pricing proposals to speed up revision cycles and invite them into the process.
Edit, review, and stay updated on the proposed terms inside the opportunity in Salesforce.
Maintain historical pricing data with change tracking. Feel confident knowing there's only one version of the pricing proposal and it's automatically attached to the right Salesforce record.
Bring in the legal team, deal desk, or finance team to review or collaborate on the proposal. No meetings or emails required.
Provide a collaborative workspace for cross-functional experts to resolve cases. Make disconnected email and chat threads a thing of the past.
Leverage the power of the Lightning Platform and Quip to standardize and simplify how your teams handle complex cases. Build customizable document templates to fit your organization’s workflow.
When a complex case comes through, make sure agents aren't scrambling to corral input from multiple teams. Quip for Service puts everyone on the same page--before there’s a fire drill.
Quickly bring new team members up to speed by attaching case history and swarming documentation to every case record.