See all the ways artificial intelligence (AI) coaches your team to make smarter moves.
•  Work smarter with AI apps
•  Save time with email productivity
•  Uncover trends and insights with advanced analytics
Sales Cloud Einstein automates data entry and predictive analysis so you can make every selling moment count.
Leverage your own sales history to win more deals. Einstein Lead and Opportunity Scoring analyzes your data, predicts which leads and opportunities are most likely to convert, and displays intuitive factors behind the scores.
Identify key business developments to increase win rates. Einstein Opportunity and Account Insights analyze your opportunity engagement activity and external news to ensure reps never miss a critical business development.
Eliminate time wasted on manual data entry. Einstein Activity Capture syncs email and calendar to Salesforce automatically, and provides a prebuilt activity dashboard. Einstein Automated Contacts automates the creation of new contact records and roles.
Salesforce Inbox brings email, calendar, and Salesforce together into one seamless experience. Surface relevant customer data in your inbox so you always have the context necessary to move deals forward.
Discover insights from millions of data points using intuitive and configurable prebuilt reports and dashboards in Sales Analytics. Uncover historical pipeline information, business trends, whitespace, and other advanced analytics to drive sales — on any device.
Take the guesswork out of forecasting using your company’s sales history. Einstein Forecasting uses automated machine learning to predict your forecast and share intuitive insights behind the prediction.
Add Inbox to Sales Cloud
$ 25
Add Inbox and Einstein to Sales Cloud
$ 50
* All per user products require an annual contract.