Customers of mobility services are digitally connected and tech-savvy. And they expect every brand they do business with to know their preferences and deliver personalized interactions. As the world's #1 marketing platform, Salesforce can help you turn unknown consumers into connected customers. And engage them with targeted email, social, and ad campaigns that meet — and exceed — their expectations.
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Digitally-connected consumers gravitate to online communities, where they connect with each other, share reviews, tips, experiences, and opinions. With Salesforce, it's easy to create online portals that empower customers to help each other find answers on user forums, self-service knowledge bases, and build an enthusiastic community around your brand.
Building engaging web and mobile apps is easy on the world's #1 enterprise cloud. With powerful analytics tools built-in, you'll better understand your most effective initiatives, identify your most profitable segments, and focus your best resources to ensure the growth of your business.
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